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We, at, understand the human intelligence as a complex notion. The majority of the standard tests to measure the human IQ are based generally on graphical logic, or brain speed. Our questions are designed to be various on purpose, to cover all the different perspectives of what people refer to when they talk about intelligence. We want to make sure that whoever has more knowledge, faster brain, quick wits, ability to concentrate, good memory, and all other possible aspects of intelligence will be able to achieve a better score in in the long run.

How does it work?

You need to create an account; then to create or join a game and then to answer the questions that the system will give you. After the game is finished, the system calculates the results and increases or decreases each IQB score.

One game could have 10-30 questions with 4 answers; and lasts 3-4 minutes. Two, three or four players could play at a time. There will be only one winner though, who will get the points!

The more you play, the more you learn and if you win you will go up the ranklist! The position in the ranklist is the reward for your skills and knowledge!

How is the score calculated?

The score calculation algorithms are similar to the ELO chess rating system. The winner gets as much points as the opponent loses. The more you win, the better your score will be! However, keep in mind that playing vs. other members with a low score could bring you lower increase to your points; or even worse - you could lose points, even if you win, if the difference between your score and the opponent's score is significant.

Remember, you play for FUN and to LEARN!

It is not impossible to cheat and to achieve a better score by cheating, but you will not cheat anyone than yourself! You will not win money or any prizes if you do so; and your score will be fake. Even if noone else knows about it, you will know, and this will make it insignificant.


If you feel you could contribute with an interesting question, please feel free to do so here!
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